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$ 18.95

The 12” Aluminum Recessed Track is perfect for Scotty or Ram mounts.  Install on your kayak to create endless possibilities by adding various Ram or Scotty products. Screws, end pieces, and connectors sold separately.

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DISCONTINUED  Bow Hatch .  This is a replacement hatch for the 1st generation Bow Hatch.   

$ 19.95

This bungee cord kit 8 feet long bungee cord with a pair of bungee hook and a pair of terminal end. Be sure to Choose your Colors:BlackMango

$ 80.95

The first generation Gator Hatch, previously known as High Profile Gator Hatch.  This Gator Hatch will only fit on the models between 2006-2008.   Optional: Pre-installed 2 Rod Holders. (To have 2 Rod Holders pre-installed, please select an option next to "Optional")  

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$ 14.95

These new handles can be used for Bow, Stern, and Side handles. Durable and shaped with non-slip rubber comfort grip. The new Malibu Kayaks Carry Handles are sold in pairs. Hardware and bungee not included. IMPORTANT: Only for the new updated 2017 ModelsStealth-14Stealth-12Trio-11Bora Bora

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$ 99.99

A replacement hatch for the center oval bait tank for the 3 piece hatch for Malibu Kayaks Stealth series.  Includes only the oval center hatch with clear cap.

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$ 41.99

Reinforcement Foam Blocks for Malibu Kayak are used to add extra support.  Foam blocks help with the kayak hull integrity, reinforcing areas to resist hull deformation.   2 Foam Blocks are provided.  You must cut them using the template provided in the instructional manuals. Download and follow the instruction manual for more details. Foam Block (x2)(3” x 2” x 18”)  Mini-X (1x A...