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Miscellaneous Accessories

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$ 17.99

Replacement Foot Pedal Peg part for the Adjustable Foot Pedal System. Comes with a left and right foot pedal. Tracks sold separately.

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$ 25.95

A multipurpose foot rest solution. Use alone on just about any kayak to ensure comfortable seating for paddlers of any height. Or, combine with our rudder kit to create a hands-free guiding system. Adjustable Foot Pedal Peg System includes foot track and pedals, plus assembly parts. Foot track adjuster clips not included with rudder kit. Comes in a pair. Hardware included....

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$ 11.95

Replacement arm rest pads for your kayak. Don’t hit the waters without them. Sold in pairs. Hardware included.

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$ 15.99

Replacement track for the multipurpose foot rest solution or for the X-Wing. Includes 2 tracks. Foot track adjuster clips and foot pedal not included.

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$ 15.95

Replacement leg rest pads keep the sides of your legs comfortable in your Sierra-10 or Ranger series sit-inside kayaks. Don’t hit the waters without them. Sold in pairs. Hardware included.

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$ 9.99

Grab our Malibu Kayaks Cap and show your MK pride! One size fits all. Get one today, while supplies last.

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$ 41.99

Reinforcement Foam Blocks for Malibu Kayak are used to add extra support.  Foam blocks help with the kayak hull integrity, reinforcing areas to resist hull deformation.  Simply place the foam blocks inside the kayak hull.  Download and follow the instruction manual for more details. Foam Block (x2)(3” x 2” x 18”)  Instructional ManualPlease find the most updated instructional manual here: Instructional Manual Mini-X Download...

$ 24.95 $ 29.95

Completely dry bag storage for any watersport activity. Each bag is made from durable and rugged PVC material with thermally welded seams and features nylon quick clip buckle closers and a D ring for securing the bag on those rough water trip, or for merely clipping on more gear.  Has a clear V window for easy viewing. Specifications: Capacity: 40 LitersDimension:...