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Kayak Paddles

All of Crack of Dawn Paddlesports Kayak Paddles.  Our paddles are perfect for recreational kayaking or to take on your next kayak fishing trip.
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Need an easy solution to protect your expensive reels and belongings from falling overboard? Our lightweight accessory leash keeps your gear strapped to your kayak. So you keep the claim on your goods, not the sea.

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$ 29.95

Assault Hand Paddle's hook and teeth blade designed for kayak fishing, shallow water mobility and stealth.The lightweight and compact hand paddles have revolutionized paddle sportsmen's stealth and mobility! These innovative hand paddles allow ultimate maneuverability while continuing to fish or hunt. Specifications: 22" long6" wide12 ounces

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The K3 Carbon Fiber provides the perfect combination of performance and smooth easy strokes.  The lightweight carbon fiber shaft allows for easy paddling all day.  A fully adjustable shaft allows you to adjust the length from 20cm to 230cm for precise feathering changes at any increment.  SPECIFICATIONS:  4C Total Length (inches) 87-91 in Total Length (cm) 220-230 cm Shaft Length 45-50...

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Keep your paddle in tow with the Crack of Dawn Bungee Paddle Leash. Stretches over 7 feet long.

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Keep your paddle in tow with the Crack Of Dawn's Coiled Paddle Leash. Stretches over 7 feet long.

$ 75.95

Whether you’re wading through the waves or speeding down the river, the Crack of Dawn Paddle gets you there with ease. A durable two-piece 52" aluminum shaft perfect for kayak paddling. Set out on your next kayaking trip with the reliability of the Tsunami Paddle. FEATURES: Best use: kayaking, touring and recreational use Durable, aluminum construction Two-piece aluminum shaft Fiberglass reinforced with...

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$ 8.95

A simple, economical mounting solution that can be placed just about anywhere on your kayak to keep your paddle in place and away while you are not paddling. Folds flat for easy paddling and storage. Rugged Nylon plastic for extra durability. Sold in a pack of 2.